Ed Sheeran And A Major Case Of Baby Brain

Friday night saw the missus and I have a much needed few hours away from the kids. With the grandparents lined up for babysitting duties and all possible eventualities planned for, we were free to enjoy a night at Wembley with Ed Sheeran. Or at least that’s what I thought…

What I’d not factored in was my sheer stupidity. Actually, scrub that, I’m not going to blame it on stupidity – I’ll instead blame it on baby brain. Although usually associated with new mums and their ability to think or remember things, I see no reason why I can’t use it as an excuse myself. After all, research shows that becoming a dad does change your brain.

I’d booked these tickets over a year ago when the missus was pregnant, then stuck it in Google Calendar. With it being so far away, and with life about to change with a new baby, we could deal with the finer detail – like who was going to look after two kids (!) – at a later date.

Fast forward ten months and it was time to call in a favour with my folks. They’d happily agreed to come down to watch the kids on Friday whilst we went to the Ed Sheeran gig childfree – they’d then make the three hour journey back home on the Saturday. (Side note: those with family nearby have no idea how lucky you are to have babysitters on the doorstep!).

Having not really giving it much thought, the day finally arrived – it would be the first time we’d both left ‘Beetle’ for any length of time. My folks set off early on the Friday morning and arrived with us by early afternoon – just enough time to catch up, explain in too much detail how to look after the kids, then get ready to head out to Wembley.

After a bit of faff attempting to park in London, we grabbed some food at Wembley, had a couple of drinks, then headed to the gate ready to enter the stadium. Not having the bladder I once had, I quickly nipped to the toilet – the third time that hour, probably. On my exit from the bogs, I was was greeted by a curious expression on the missus’ face.

“Dave, these tickets are for Saturday night, not tonight.”

“What?! Don’t be daft.”



Having studied the tickets for way too long, checked the email booking confirmation and perused Google Calendar, it appeared that I’d booked the tickets for Saturday night but put the event into the calendar for Friday. Bollocks. What a tit.

I’ve made a few mistakes since becoming a dad, but this was definitely up there as one of the worst. I’d just assumed that I’d put the correct details into Google Calendar at the time, and therefore had no reason to check the date on the booking confirmation or actual tickets.

For me, the main thing was getting to Wembley on time and ensuring that we had the physical tickets with us – I didn’t want to be that person who turned up to a gig having left the tickets on the table at home. No-one wants to be *that* guy. Instead, I was the guy who turned up on the wrong day.

Still, silver linings and all that. (1) Turning up 24 hours early was better than turning up 24 hours late, (2) there was still a chance we could go if my folks were able extend their stay by a day, (3) If point 2 was not possible, our neighbours were interested in buying the tickets, and (4) despite not getting to the Ed Sheeran gig, we’d still had a good laugh and enjoyed a few hours without the kids.

Stupidity? Old age? Sleep deprivation? Baby brain? I’m not sure what to define it as, apart from being a massive cock-up. It’s ridiculous to think that someone can turn up somewhere on the wrong day, but I’m evidence of that feat.

It all ended happily though. Instead of singing along to hit after hit after hit, we popped into London Designer Outlet and raided both the Vans and Gap shops for cool kid stuff. Even though the kids weren’t with us, we were obviously those stereotypical parents who still bought them clothes and talked about them – it’s difficult to break a habit.

My folks also kindly agreed to stay for another night to look after the kids on the Saturday – the actual day of the gig. Not only did this mean that we could see Ed Sheeran as initially intended, but meant we had two consecutive nights off.

Maybe I wasn’t stupid after all – maybe it was my plan all along…muwhahahahaha

Ed Sheeran And A Major Case Of Baby Brain wembley gig crowd from above