Face Painting With Pirate / Toddler L On A Rainy Day

This Summer hasn’t quite been the awesome weather that we expect every single bloody year. There’s been a few hot days, some OK days and plenty of crap days – don’t worry, I’ll get to my point in a minute, this isn’t a guest post by Michael Fish.

I sometimes – OK, always – struggle with what to do with Toddler L on rainy days. I struggle enough when the weather’s  decent, let alone when I’m forced to be confined within the four walls of our house. I try – believe me I do – but I’m just not a crafty Pinteresty parent who has a cupboard full of supplies and endless messy play ideas. Shoot me now for being a shit dad.

Actually, don’t shoot me just yet because I may have stumbled across a new, fun, rainy day, messy play idea – or NFRDMPI for short. Face painting!

We’ve had some Snazaroo face paints – *cough* buy from Amazon through my affiliate link *cough* – lying around the house for ages, so I decided to get them out and see what would happen.

The face paints came with a guide on how to paint different designs, so I decided to go with a pirate – not only was it relatively easy, but Toddler L does a mean ‘Swashbuckle Cheer’ from the CBeebies show.

I also decided to film it. I didn’t know what would happen, but I thought the face painting would either be (a) funny, (b) cute or (c) pass the time. I think the final video ticked all three. Check it out below!

The weather is crap, so we’ve been face painting. Here we have a pirate and an…erm…mess?

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Admit it – you’re pretty impressed with our artistic talents, aren’t you? Have you ever face painted with your kid? Let me know below!

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