How To Dress Like A Stay-At-Home Dad

I see many fashion-related parent blogger posts. Things like ‘my baby’s outfit of the day’ or ‘what I wore to BritMums’ share the clothing choices, style and dress sense of mums all across the globe.

I don’t recall ever seeing much from dads on the same topic though. Yes, there’s the odd Instagram baby outfit photo or a blog product review of a t-shirt, but fashion-related content must just not appeal to the daddy-folk out there as much as mums.

I therefore wanted to try and address this with my own dress-related post, not that I make a habit of wearing dresses. Call me creatively inspired by London Fashion Week, or struggling to come up with new blog content, I thought I’d share my own unique style with you – a look that I like to call ‘the stay-at-home dad staying in the home ensemble’.

Now, I’m not suggesting that all stay-at-home dads dress like this. I know that some actually give a crap about looking presentable, which is a category I sadly don’t fall into. Instead, for me, it is all about comfort, ease and practicality.

When your days mainly consist of stopping your one-year old from killing herself around the house and the only person you speak to is the Postman, I kind of think there’s better ways of spending my time than making myself look as pretty as possible. After all, I’m beautiful on the inside, right?

So, what does my usual getup comprise of?

Superhero Bottoms

Daddy style superhero trousers How To Dress Like A Stay-At-Home Dad

I never really understood the concept of “changing into some comfy trousers”. The missus would always do this if we were just hanging around the house or when we’d get back from work, whereas I would just wear what I’d been wearing that day.

That all changed though when I got my first pair of ‘lounge pants’ from Primark, which I think are actually just pyjama bottoms with a different name to make you feel less guilty about wearing them all day. The elastic waist, the loose fitting material, the absence of a zip and button, and most importantly, the funky superhero print, mean that I’m ready for action whenever I’m required – much like Batman or Superman.

Despite them looking so cool, fashionable and on-trend – DC and Marvel is big business at present, don’t you know – I tend to reluctantly change out of them if I’m leaving the house. Although, I will admit that I’ve walked the dog around the block wearing then on a handful of occasions to the horror of my middle-class neighbours.

Motif T-shirts

daddy style t-shirt How To Dress Like A Stay-At-Home Dad

Having worn shirts five-days a week for more years than I like to recall back when I was a corporate jerk, the last thing I want to do is where a shirt when I don’t have to. Some blokes like to wear a casual shirt, but that just ruins my ‘university-student look’. Instead, I normally go for a good, old t-shirt.

When in the house, the choice of t-shirt I wear is determined by a simple process. If there is a t-shirt on the floor next to my bed and it doesn’t smell, then I will put it on. If there isn’t a t-shirt, or it smells, then I’ll take the first one I find in the wardrobe. I’ve never been a fan of creating washing for the sake of it, so baby excretions and/or body odour tends to be my yardstick.

I have a fair few t-shirts. Because I’m a bit of a rebel, you’ll find many different colours, patterns and logos in my wardrobe. I might be wearing a plain grey t-shirt on Monday and Tuesday, a cheeky striped number might be worn on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, whilst a logo or motif may be present on my Saturday and Sunday t-shirt. It really is that mental.

I normally get my t-shirts – or tees as us cool kids like to call them – from the likes of TK Maxx, Topman or Primark, however that does mean your at risk of bumping into someone with the same top. In an effort to find something a bit different, I’ve recently discovered places like Zazzle, who allow you to personalise t-shirts and other clothes yourself or buy cool, custom-made ones created by others. Fair to say I know where all my t-shirts are coming from now!

Plain Hoodies

Daddy style hoodie How To Dress Like A Stay-At-Home Dad

I haven’t got anything against jumpers or cardies – hell, I even own a few – but a hoodie is definitely my outer-layer of choice. For whatever reason, I’m just at ease in them – maybe it’s a throwback to my once violent gang days.

Granted, they may not be the nicest looking thing in the world, but hoodies have practical benefits when you’re at home with a baby. And, after all, I’ve learnt that I’d much prefer to choose practicality over anything else when a tiny human is involved.

Firstly, there are pockets – this is a great place to store snotty tissues, snacks and your sanity. Secondly, they have a zip which is great for regulating body temperature when running around at soft-play or when wearing your sprog. Finally, they have a hood, which is good for playing peekaboo or drowning out the noise when your little one is screaming.

That’s my, let’s admit it, pretty sexy getup when I’m at home with the sprog. How do you dress when looking after you kid(s)? Does any of this sound familiar or am I just as lazy as the missus accuses me of being? Let me know below!


  • I want Batman on my crotch!

    My stay at home mum wear is pretty much the same… Oh the looks I get on the school run!

  • Lemon Fancy

    LOL you do make me chuckle!! Zazzle rocks!

    • Thanks! Nice to know that I’ve made 1 person laugh! Totally, I reckon Zazzle is where the majority of my money is going to be spent now!

  • What is it with you British dads writing about fashion. Haha. #injoke

  • john adams

    Ah, you see I went through a phase when I didn’t care too much for what I wore when the kids were younger (IE when they were bottle fed). I then realised that I’d stopped caring about my appearance as much as I should and have got back into it again. Indeed, I am probably the odd man out in many respects because I regularly blog about men’s fashion and toiletries!

    • Hey John, I knew my low standards would disturb / upset / shock your usual coiffured appearance! Maybe I need to take a leaf out of your book and start caring. I am dressed as I write this if that is a start?!

  • PJ chic is a massive trend for A/W 15 (it isn’t)-Victorianna is in though, get some Dickens style tux going on next yeah!

    • You’re just jealous that you can’t pull off superhero pj’s 🙂 Dickens eh, this sounds like a challenge for BML16!

  • SonsSandandSauvignon

    I have the female version of this wardrobe! PJ bottoms (sorry lounge pants) need to rule the world!!!

    • Haha, maybe this should be ‘stay-at-home parents’ then! Definitely…so comfy…

  • Beau is Blue

    I wear pretty much the same thing unless we are going out! Ha ha!!

    • Haha good to hear! And I had you down as being more stylish than me. Oh, how I was mistaken 🙂

  • Man vs Pink

    I’m sitting here, wearing Superman ‘bottoms’, a hoodie, and a ‘motif’ t-shirt. Busted… :/

  • Sam

    Oh I fancy some Batman bottoms too 🙂 Its probably a tight rubber – sorry, comfy cotton thing. Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout Dave

    • Haha – nah, the tight rubber is definitely more of a weekend thing after a few bottles of cider 😉

  • Love the superhero trousers. I agree that ‘lounge wear’ has just been renamed to make you feel like you did get dressed when you’re in your pjs. I just get dressed in normal clothes if I plan to go out at some point in the day. But if I know we will probably stay in, I tend to wear jogging bottoms and hoodies all day. #MMWBH

    • Exactly! It was always pj’s then suddenly changed it’s name. I wonder how much more money the industry has made from that little sneaky re-branding! Ah, sensible – although that’d require me to have a plan about what I’m doing that day 🙂

  • This made me laugh out loud. I would have to agree on the “lounge pants” idea. I think they’re just a ploy to lessen the guilt of wearing PJs all day. Here in the states, people have recently referred to them as soft clothes. No matter what they’re called, however, comfortable is comfortable. So if I’m staying home with no where to go and nothing to do but prevent my child from impaling herself on unsuspecting blunt objects around the house, it’s hoodies and comfy pants for me!

    Thanks for the laughs, as always, Dave. Hope you and the sprog and the missus are having a great week!

  • I remember the days when I barely wore an outfit twice and always bought something new for a night out. Now I have about four outfits that I rotate. I’m not sure anyone else notices. If they do they can take me shopping 🙂 #mmwbh

  • Rev T used to wear t-shirts and jeans when he was a SAHM dad. Easier to wash and go whilst remaining reasonably stylish looking. #mmwbh

  • Super Busy Mum

    T-shirts and jammie lounge pants should be worn every day, all day and made into some sort of law. Wouldn’t you agree? lol. Loving the look and thanks so much for linking up! #MMWBH

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  • Unconventional Dad

    what do i wear? same thing as yesterday 😀