Making My VERY First Magazine Appearance

I hate to sound self-indulgent, but I think it’s sometimes important to celebrate your successes. So, in my least boastful tones, I quickly wanted to share with you some pretty cool news as I’ve recently featured in a magazine. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, it’s about time I got that call from Playgirl, but unfortunately I think they’ve misplaced my number and left me hanging (no pun intended).

Instead, the publication in question is Very magazine – the supplement which comes with OK! magazine. I may not have actually featured alongside the real and wannabe celebs in the latter, but I came really close – well, at least from a physical perspective as the two magazines came in the same bundle.

As one of the ‘coolest parent bloggers around’ – their words, not mine – I was interviewed about my fashion choices when it comes to Toddler L, including things like my top tips and picks for winter clothing. The result was a full page feature on the little one and I as part of their Bloggers’ Corner. The fact that our pretty faces will most likey grace every Doctor’s waiting room in the land for the next six months is both awesome and surreal in equal measures.

The thing I particularly wanted to highlight and praise though was the focus on a dad in a feature like this. Typically – and wrongly – much of the mass media still portrays dads as incompetent and disinterested in raising their kids. I often flick through magazines like Gurgle and Mother & Baby and get annoyed that the content is heavily targeted towards mums and not parents.

For me, it takes very little to write the word “parent” rather than “mum” in order to make the content inclusive to everyone. However, time and time again, I am alienated from stuff that I otherwise would be interested in due to this blinkered focus on just 50% of the parenting population. Why would I not want to see cool kid’s clothes ideas, the latest toys or read helpful advice on raising my first born?

So, the fact that Very have featured a dad – whether it was me or any of the other dad out there – is a really important statement to show that dads do care, are involved and are interested. If just one person reads the feature and thinks something a long the lines of “ah, that’s nice, maybe not all dads are twats” or “wow, that dads not incompetent when it comes to dressing his kid” then I’ll feel like my job is partly done.

To read the Very magazine interview for yourself, pick up the February copy of OK! magazine. The feature would look pretty awesome framed and hung on your downstairs toilet wall.

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