Remembering Her First Proper Halloween (Even If She Doesn’t)

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It’s without question that things are getting more exciting and interesting the older Toddler L gets. Sure, having a baby is pretty cool, but they don’t really do much – you can take them places or show them stuff, but you get very little reaction, interaction or feedback. Let’s be honest, they don’t even remember any of it!

This changes when your kid gets a bit older. At a few months over three years old, Toddler L isn’t really a toddler anymore – she’s much more of a little kid. She has her own personality, her own thoughts and her own opinions. I doubt that she’s going to remember much of these early years when she looks back in the future, but at least she gets something out of what we do now.

Take something like Halloween. This spooky time of year isn’t really something I’ve ever celebrated. I remember going trick-or-treating once as a kid, but that was it – the 31st October just wasn’t a date worth remembering. Then I had a kid and things changed.

Although we’ve done one or two Halloween-related things in Toddler L’s life, she wasn’t at the age to ‘get it’. I doubt she had any understanding as to why she was dressed like a spider when she was 11-weeks old. We really did it for our benefit – why else would you attempt to carve a pumpkin with a two-year old like we did last year?!

This Halloween though, she understands it more – a combination of being older and talking about it at home and nursery. Sure, she may not understand the history of why it’s celebrated or why kids trick-or-treat, but she certainly understands dressing up, being scary and getting sweets from people’s houses.

As she was excited about the prospect of Halloween, we decided to make an effort – not a massive effort, just enough to show that we care! This firstly involved going shopping for her annual fancy dress outfit – this year, a witch. We also went to a Hartbeeps Halloween Party at the weekend where she joined what felt like a thousand other kids to have some spookily-themed singing and dancing fun.

On the actual night, we took her out trick-or-treating for the first time. It was really nice to see her excitement as she spotted decorated houses to visit. Or how confident she was when she made her way to the door, did a little knock and yelled “I’m trick or treating!”. Or how cute it was when she got home and began to proudly organise her loot from the evening’s fun.

I really hope she retains memories of what was her first proper Halloween. If not though – and that’s probably a strong likelihood – at least we have photos. As someone who lives a big chunk of their life online, it’s not surprising to hear that I got a fair few photos over the Halloween period to add to the tens of thousands I’ve taken since Toddler L was born.

Therein lies the problem. It’s great having all of these photos, but we barely look at them, let alone do anything with them. The excitement of sending camera film off to be developed or putting the resulting photos in an album is something lacking these days. Looking at photos on a phone just isn’t the same as physically turning the pages of an album.

Rather than just have loads of photos on Dropbox, I want to make a more concerted effort to actually do something with them. This is why I was more than happy to get involved in HP’s #ReinventMemories campaign which is all about transforming digital moments into tangible memories.

What I’m going to do from now on – with the help of the HP ENVY Photo 7830 Wireless All-in-One Printer and HP Instant Ink service – is get some of these memories off the cloud and into our house for us to enjoy. I like having photos around, but it always feels like such a hassle to get them printed online.

With this new setup, I’m able to print photos myself and do something with them – be it continuing that scrapbooking project we soon gave up on, creating photo albums to look through or updating the photo frames on the walls which still have photos of L as a baby. After the fun we had at Halloween, what better time to start than now!

Remembering Her First Proper Halloween even If She Doesn't

What do you do with your family photos? Do you just store them all digitally, or do you regularly print them and put them in albums? Let me know below!

HP also have a Halloween competition currently running on Facebook where you could win one of three HP ENVY 7830 Wireless All-in-One Printers with HP Instant Ink. Details of how to enter are here. Good luck!

Disclosure: This is a commissioned post in collaboration with HP. We were also sent the printer and have a 6-month Instant Ink subscription as part of the #ReinventMemories campaign.