15 Ridiculous Reasons Why My Toddler Had A Tantrum

As a parent, I don’t think there’s anything more stressful than a toddler tantrum. Like a little ticking time bomb, you’re never quite sure what the trigger will be to cause them to detonate. Whatever it is though, I think you’ll agree that it’s more than likely to happen when you’re in public. Nothing like maximising the embarrassment and declaring you as an incompetent parent to the masses.

It’s tricky though. Although a toddler meltdown is hard work, seeing their emotional outbursts are bloody funny. Before becoming a dad, never did I imagine that I’d see tears as a result of something so lame and mundane. It’s on a par with that old bloke stuck on a moon advert last Christmas. I know you shouldn’t laugh at your kid when they’re having a shit fit, but it’s a challenge not to.

On the whole, Toddler L doesn’t have that many meltdowns. She can be a bit pissy, whingey and teary depending on her mood, but generally, she’s alright. Yep, I realise that I’ve probably jinxed us now. I think this comes down to her understanding, vocabulary and ability to communicate. From what I understand of tantrums, they’re often down to kids feeling frustrated at not being able to get their point across. So, I hope the way we talk to and listen to Toddler L will help to keep the majority of emotional outbursts to a minimum.

She certainly has some telltale signs though. Prior to an emotional explosion, she’ll often get pretty sulky – the bottom lip comes out, she goes really quiet and her head bows down. My next move is often the one which dictates whether she’s going to tantrum or not. There’s also the good old fashioned ‘throw yourself to the floor with tears’ approach – this doesn’t happen too often, but she definitely has it in her locker.

When your toddler pulls this face and adopts a sitting position when out on a walk, you know you’re in for trouble.

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So, in no particularly order, I thought I’d share some of the ridiculous reasons that Toddler L has had a tantrum over the last month:

  1. She wanted me to eat a Nakd Bar because she was eating one, but I didn’t want to.
  2. I put her pink wellies on rather than her Gruffalo ones.
  3. She asked me to take her balloon off the balloon stick, so I did.
  4. I took the tampons she found in the bathroom off her when she was playing with them.
  5. She wanted the dog to sit on her knee, but he ran away.
  6. She was too tired to go to sleep.
  7. I dared to eat my chocolate chip muffin without taking the wrapper off it.
  8. She wanted to drink out of her Peppa Pig cup, not the Thomas The Tank Engine one.
  9. She didn’t understand why her comforter was wet, despite having chewed on it for a few hours in the car.
  10. I put The Gruffalo on TV instead of Bing.
  11. I wouldn’t allow her to lick the dog.
  12. She didn’t want her spare coat left at nursery.
  13. She wanted to go on the train with my brother back to his house.
  14. I got the blue play-doh out and not the red.
  15. I wouldn’t let her eat chocolate cake for breakfast.

Don’t you just love a toddler meltdown? No, me neither. And that is why I drink.

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Do any of these toddler tantrum reasons found familiar? What’s the stupidest reason your kid has had a shit fit? Let me know below!

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