6 Unexpected Things That Excite Me Now I’m A Parent

Becoming an adult takes the excitement out of life. As a kid, everything is new, different and thrilling – the world is your metaphorical oyster. Then you grow up. Your life becomes work, bills, chores and other boring stuff that didn’t cross your mind when you were playing pirates as a 8-year old. Life as an adult can suck balls.

Then – if you choose to – you might have a kid. With this reproductive feat, life becomes that bit more exciting. Sure, you still have to do that ‘adult crap’ with the additional responsibility of raising a kid, but it also brings a new perspective on the world.

You begin to see the cruel, cold world through the eyes of your kid. The wonder of seeing a cow in the field. The amazement of finding a twig. The thrill of jumping in a muddy puddle. So, without further ado, here are six unexpected things that I’ve genuinley been excited about since becoming a dad:

Hanging Washing On The Line

In probably the most boring thing I’ve ever said, since having a kid, I’ve found myself getting excited about putting the clean washing on the line. Hear me out before you judge. You see, becoming a parent means you’re stuck in a neverending battle against dirty washing. It’s not quite on par with the epic battles scene in Braveheart, 300 or Troy, but it’s certainly up there.

It’s therefore worth celebrating each and every time you make a dent in the dirty clothes pile. This is particularly true in summer, where, for a few months, you’re able to take advantage of the (hopefully) nice weather. This not only means that your house doesn’t have to be full of damp clothes, but also means you can do multiple loads per day. Spoiler alert: Despite this, you’ll still never reach the miraculous situation of having an empty dirty washing basket.

New Kids’ TV Episodes

Considering I’ve written about kid’s TV multiple times before (check here, here and here), it’s hardly surprising that I’ve become excited by the prospect of certain new episodes of shows. Over the last few years, I’ve become (a little too) invested in the lives of these characters designed for pre-schoolers.

So when you hear something like “new episodes of Sarah And Duck, coming soon” it’s hard not to let out a little bit of wee. If only they’d hurry up and do a new series of Topsy And Tim so I can see what happens when the revelation hits that their hot mum isn’t pregnant by their dad.

A Favourite Nursery Rhyme Being Played

As a kid, I used to like nursery rhymes – what young child doesn’t? What I didn’t realise though, was that after a 25 year absence, I would still enjoy nursery rhymes. Sure, they can be very bloody annoying, but some are catchy as hell. It turns out that I actually have favourites too. Not ones I tolerate, but ones I enjoy and look forward to. How sad is that?!

If we’re listening to nursery rhymes – in the car, on TV, at a class etc – I’m overcome with excitement when a song I enjoy comes on. It’s a bit like when you’re hammered in a club and your favourite song is played to the room. Personal favourites that give me this feeling are Five Little Speckled Frogs, Old McDonald, Row, Row, Row Your Boat and ANYTHING by The Wiggles.

Finding A Decent Soft Play

Every parent has suffered soft play hell. It’s one of those rights of passage when you spawn life. Sticky surfaces, shit food, older kids causing havoc in the toddler area as their parents turn a blind eye. Ahhh, what’s not to love?! Sometimes though, soft play gets even better – I know, it’s hard to believe.

For example, I’ve recently stumbled across a new soft play cafe near where we live and it’s definitely more soft play heaven than soft play hell. The play equipment is new, the place is clean, it’s not too busy and they sell decent hot drinks. I actually look forward to visiting! How exciting is that?

Getting To Meet TV Characters

I’ve spent the last few years of my life immersed in the world of babies and toddlers. As such, it’s hardly surprising that some of the stuff Toddler L likes have become things that I like too. There’s no better example of this than TV – pre-kids, I (unsurprisingly) didn’t watch children’s shows. Now though, I’m more clued up on what’s happening in the lives of Mickey Mouse, Peppa Pig and Topsy & Tim than in the real world.

Whereas the non-parent folk among you might be excited about meeting a celebrity – a footballer, a film star, someone from TOWIE etc – for me, it’s all about my new idols. It just so happens to be that they are the same as Toddler L’s! To date, we’ve met a fair few including Peppa, George, Peter Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Woody, Tree Fu Tom and the legend that is Ubercorn. I just regret not taking my autograph book.

Watching Someone Shit In The Potty

Let me clarify straight away. This isn’t some kind of fetish. I don’t lurk around the public toilets or fantasise about being involved in a Boston Steamer (don’t Google if you’re unsure what it is!). Instead, I’m referring to the ‘fun’ process that is potty training.

As every potty training parent will discover, you become solely-focused on your kid’s wee and poo for an undefined period of time. Even though you’re not the one expelling your bodily waste into the potty, you live and (literally) breathe it. As such, when you hear a tinkle or thud in the potty, that’s something to celebrate and get excited about because you’re (hopefully) one step closer to never having to deal with nappies ever again.

Do any of these things sound familiar? Have you found yourself excited about something you weren’t prior to becoming a parent? Let me know below!