Getting Our BBQ On This Summer

Since having our garden landscaped earlier in the year, we’ve made a lot of use of our new outdoor space. Although the weather hasn’t always been great, this hasn’t stopped us from playing, relaxing, socialising and hanging out as a family in the back garden.

Something we’ve done with more frequency than any other year before is eating outside – or alfresco dining if you want to be posh about it. In particular, we’ve probably had more BBQs this summer than the previous five years combined. That’s a lot of burgers, sausages and bread rolls in a short period of time – not that I’m complaining!

Up until this year, I’ve always viewed BBQs as a bit of a faff and something you only do for large social gatherings. For instance, we used to do one or two BBQs per year, which usually coincided with a celebration, such as a birthday, birth or engagement.

So this is happening right about now 🙂

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I now realise though that having the space, layout, furniture and equipment makes chucking a bit of meat on the barbie so much more appealing. My own BBQing corner, comfortable seating, a big table and pleasant surroundings has meant that we’ve had plenty of last minute BBQs when the missus has got home from work. I’ve discovered that it takes no more effort to cook a couple of burgers and sausages on the BBQ as opposed to the hob. This is something we’d have never done before having the garden landscaped.

I still like a big BBQ though. Although a little stressful when you’re the one responsible for feeding the masses – and not giving them food poisoning – I love the atmosphere when you stick on a bit of music, have a few drinks, get the BBQ cooking and enjoy time with friends and family. Since Toddler L came into the world, we’ve not had that many big BBQs, but we did have one with both sets of her grandparents the other weekend for her 2nd birthday.

It’s not just me who enjoys a good BBQ though. As soon as the sun’s out, most neighbourhoods around the UK are filled with the unmistakable smell of BBQ smoke combined with burning sausages. BBQing is somewhat of a Great British pastime, although it doesn’t mean that we all have the required talent to wield a set of tongs or basting brush.

Summer BBQ Toddler L's Birthday With Family

In fact, Homebase have recently put together a load of useful BBQ information to help you out for the rest of the summer. This includes an infographic – reproduced below for your perusal – based on a survey they conducted about the nation’s BBQing habits. Did you know for instance that 64% of us prefer charcoal and wood BBQs, Ketchup is the nation’s favourite condiment and Londoners rate themselves as having the best BBQ skills?

There are also some great tips from celebrity chef Aldo Zilli’s about cooking on the BBQ, as well as one of his lamb skewers recipes. In addition, there is also a tasty competition where you can win a Farmison & Co meat hamper and a £250 Homebase voucher. To enter send a picture of your BBQ using #GreatBritishBBQ and tag @Homebase_UK on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can check out all of this info on the Homebase BBQ Survival Guide.

Homebase A Survey Of The Great British BBQ Infographic

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with Homebase.

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