A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Having realised that a nine month old Baby L was an artistic genius after she painted a canvas picture for our living room wall last year, we’ve done our best to encourage her talents. She’s not yet at the level of world-renowned artists like Mister Maker or Neil Buchanan, but she’s certainly enjoying getting arty.

Although I’m not a massive fan of mess, I’m trying to get over this for her sake. We don’t play with paints as often as we should as a result, but now she’s that bit older and her motor skills have improved drastically, I’m planning on bringing them out on a more regular basis. Wish me luck.

Something she does play with quite often though is chalk and crayons. Last year, I made a new kitchen cupboard door out of MDF and then covered it with chalkboard paint to give her an area to draw on. This has been such a success that I’ve considered using chalkboard paint somewhere in the garden too – perhaps painting part of a brick wall or the shed door so she has a designated place to draw on when outside.

Toddler drawing picture on chalkboard

When it comes to crayons, Toddler L gets huge enjoyment out of seeing the little squiggle marks she makes. I’m sure she’s actually drawing something properly, but I obviously aren’t artistic enough to make it out – a little like how I’ve never been able to see the image in a magic eye picture.

In order to prevent her from scribbling all over the walls, settee or dog, I only really let her use crayons under supervision. Whether it’s drawing in a colouring book, scribbling on a card or doodling on the huge cardboard box which has pride of place in our living room, we’ve seen a huge improvement in her clenching, grasping and hand-eye coordination as a result. I’m just now waiting for some of this artwork to sell for millions of pounds so I can officially retire.

Toddler drawing picture on cardboard box

Talking about artistic kids, Sunlife have recently put together a celebrity drawing quiz. A handful of nursery school children were asked to draw different celebrities and the nine question quiz is the result. Can you guess who they all are? I don’t want to heap on the pressure too much, but I got 7 out of 9 in the quiz…although I’ll admit that the majority of my correct answers were guesses!

Does your toddler like to draw and paint? Do you have any tips on how to stop messy play from being so messy? Do you have a favourite picture they’ve drawn? Let me know below!

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with Sunlife Direct.

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