Getting Serious About Bacon With Danepak

You know something that’s awesome. Bacon.

I’m yet to find a meal or dish which is not improved by those beautiful porky rashers. Whether it’s wrapping around, placing on top or mixing in, bacon has the ability to add something special to any plate.

Beef burgers. Chicken breast. Mac and cheese. Pizza. Risotto. Quiche. Pancakes. Scallops. Cereal. Chocolate cake. Banana. Bacon is the BFF of every food – OK, the majority of foods, I may have got a little carried away with my list.

I know it’s difficult to believe, but things are getting even better thanks to Danepak and their serious approach to bacon. Microwaveable ‘Rapid Rashers’ means you can have perfectly cooked bacon in your mouth in just 90 seconds and don’t have to deal with washing up a frying pan. And the new ‘Lean and Low’ has 20% less fat, meaning that bacon lovers who are watching their weight can still enjoy a bit of porky goodness.

Danepak have also recently introduced reclosable packaging so any leftover bacon (how’s that for an oxymoron?!) can be reclosed and kept looking good in the fridge. Promoted in their latest humorous advert, “Precipice” depicts a man and woman facing inevitable death as their car teeters over the edge of a cliff.

A situation nearly as serious as how seriously Danepak take their bacon. Take a gander of the new advert below and check out their YouTube channel.

If you’re as serious about rashers as Danepak, then also check out the Serious Bacon Club – an 80,000 strong Facebook group of like-minded bacon lovers. Run by Danish founder, Morten, expect plenty of pork-based chat, including videos, photos, recipes, funnies and random stuff. Be prepared though, you’ll definitely have a hankering for bacon after visiting the page.

Talking about bacon, it’s time for me to go and prepare dinner. After all of this chat, unsurprisingly it’s going to feature bacon!

N.B. This is a collaborative post written with Danepak and powered by REDPILL.